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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hakai Labs - Quality Control Procedure

Our Approach:

At Hakai we make every attempt to ensure our gis are the highest quality. We are customer focused and have the highest standards of quality that has enabled us to build our brand into an already saturated market. Which is why every gi is inspected, signed, tagged and labeled by our CEO. We do this for our customers because we are passionate about it and know that your purchase can be a complex decision. We do not manufacturer "Templatized" gis, we innovate from the mills we choose, the dye house which provides us with these vivid colors. We make improvements in the weave so the gis dry faster and maintain their durability. We believe in quality embroidery and only allow highly experienced cut and stitch professionals. We have enhanced every aspect in gi manufacturing and attention to every detail is raising the bar in the process. While we are not the most inexpensive gi on the market you do get what you pay for and the value your receive is not only in the gi that you wear, but also in the care and innovation we take to provide a technically advance gi that has propelled us to the top.

Our commitment is to our customers and we will not cut corners due to rising costs of cotton or a weakening dollar. We will continue to provide the highest quality materials in our gis regardless of cost so that when you make your purchase and find that the quality is not only in our gi, but also in our commitment to our customers, you will then know you chose wisely. Over time you will find that the relationship that is built between you, our customers and Hakai, will be built on the trust and dedication we have earned from you from the passion in every stitch.

Below is a small example of what we do and we hope it shows how much we care. Let us know what you think. Send us an email at info@hakaisports.com Thank you for taking the time to read this post and review this video.

Train Well,

Hakai Kimonos & Fight Co., Inc.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hakai Kimonos QA | Design Labs

Hakai Kimonos & Fight Co., Inc. tests every element of there products, from threads, thread count, lapel thickness, shrinkage, logos and design elements, etc. We take pride in every component whether its a fight glove or a Jiu Jitsu Kimono, we assure our customers that they can stand by a brand like Hakai Kimonos. Below you will find one of our test labs located in Gardena, CA where we have washed and dryed 1 gi 15 times to see how it would with stand industrial dryers and as you can see, the Hakai Kimono stood true to its design and did not shring a milimeter.

These photos show a lighter gray line. After every dry we reapplied the line for comparison. As you can see the line toward the top/left&right were the very first lines before the Kimono was ever washed or dried. As you can see by the post angle and 45 degree disection of a 1"x1" portion of the fabric not even a mm of shrinkage. This allows sizes to fit right! This tells us the cotton pods were selected to our standard and the fibers were spun and woven to specification.

To further prove our tests have concluded that the Hakai "Vengence" Kimono is durable and can tolerate excessive heat, while maintaining its breathability.
Of further note, one of the major reasons why A Hakai Kimono can withstand extreme conditions is due to the exclusive and specific weave. In the shaded area below you will see how many weaves per 1/4" are associated with the Hakai "Vengence" Kimono. This tight weave allows for the Hakai Kimono to endure temperatures above and beyond normal conditions. In addition, due to the specific "piling" of cotton, it was possible to maximize moisture dispurtion and promote drying time.

This is just a little information and process that we go through when we design Jiu Jitsu Kimonos. Hakai Kimonos does'nt just talk, action, innitiative, and MONTHS of research goes into every product designed.

 Below you will see our Designer station.

Hakai Kimonos "Vengence" Jiu Jitsu Gi

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